Closed In(The Key)

Caressing the mind
Patience it awaits
Loaning my life to each day
The balance it hates

Feeling compassion its very thin
The mind closed in a box
Finding the key
Where is the key

The key hole
Who is there
The knocking I wanted to know
If your were there

I say again to who is there
It ignores me what a pain
What's real who is real
Fantasy reality the noise

I hear the birds
The wind moving
I can't see anything
It's all dark in here

What a fake smile he has
Your laugh isn't found here
Sitting here awaiting fate
When is it my turn

Patience I hear him say
Finally it responds
Another day I can waste
It sleeps I sleep

Its no different from me
How long will I be confined
Not to long little one
The space is getting smaller

Then run jump or hide
But I'm locked in
You were never locked in
You were my key
That I've lost
I'm happy for me

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