Philip Daniel Cook


It's not in your power to regret.

It's in your power to care.

What is in knowing. To have wisdom

beyond years.


That I have found the pain required.

Can you forgive the person I become.

When the tables turn and you are on the run.

And I'm dead under the Sun.


It's when I tried your patience all too much,

and the world is more than the mind.

I'm allowed in your space, I'm allowed 

your time.


That you have all the power to confide

that you have a few secrets, a few vice.

When the chips are cashed and all turn.

It's not in what's fair but what's just.


How is it when the fallout begins.

And we are finally together by science.

And religion is belief in one another.


But we are bond to see if

we can survive anything.

So together, where you find

the storm,

and the flood gates of isolation and alienation

show. How can you

find the boat, to rock?


When it all goes down.

And they won't take you with them.

And you can make it 'new'.

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