Remember when

do you remember when 

we danced and we sang 

all our favourite songs 

me and you 

under the moon 

Laughing and singing away


When we where young 

we lay beneath the sun

and watched the day come and go 


do you remember 

back in September 

when we looked for treasure 

in the playground

Of our pre school


Remember when 

We Howell at the moon 

like 2 wolves bonded by soul 

2 best friends 

1 in the same 

do you remember that 


but you moved away 

into another day and left me hear to remember 

leaving those days 

as a mere memory in my brain 

as we grew up far away 

oh how I miss you 

but I always remember

as days that were and are 

you may be far away 

but in my brain 

your right hear with me every day


I see us play everyday 

When I walk out to the park 

we lie there 

young and happy

nothing sad or bad may cross our way


i hope you come sometime 

to see me again 

for I miss you very much


I will wait in my remembered days 

Just don’t forget 

those beloved days


  • Author: Liisung (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 24th, 2019 03:59
  • Comment from author about the poem: This poem is about a friend quite dear to me who moved away a couple of years ago While writing it felt like I was saying she was dead but she’s alive as far as I know I wrote this as I feel sad about her leaving and I often remember the fun times we had together in hope I could see her again
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