“Journey of Love”

The world is spinning, Spiraling around me


I am lifted high as the sky overtakes me


New begginings are arising


The light is growing brighter


I can feel the excitement of the air


Filling every corner of my existance


Adventures never taken are unwraveling before me


I see my new path winding ahead,


Twisting and rolling


Over the mountains on the horrizon




Nothing is fully certain, but one thing is so


That the journey set before me is one of


Imagination and wonder


The love of the partner I have


Carries me as I float down this river of life


Nothing can hold back the power we share between us


We shimmer like the light


Dancing on the surface of the water


Our roots grow deep into the riverbed


We sail, talking and laughing


Bringing joy to each other


Traveling ahead, our lives combine


Into a beautiful array


The world is our destination


We will discover it together


Our souls interwining


Forever and always


  • Goldfinch60

    Good loving write, may your souls combine into one.

    How about "Combining Souls" for the title.

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