Canoodling Within Cyberspace

Squarely conscientious, I unwittingly

sanction selfhood acutely triangulate

courtesy webbed geometry jeopardize,

galvanize pluck nudging contrived arc,

virtually courting temptation aware,

sans impetuousness compromises an

anonymous commingling, nonetheless

electronic fraternization enthralls mine

plucky chutzpah possibility intrigues

yours truly sporting impish grinning

smile across world wide web unsure

quasi cryptic communication decrypted

maybe imperfectly interpreting message

this enamored disembodied spirit doth

chance circling foursquare kibitizing

downplaying grand illusion spontaneity

gist ripples thru this human entity while

comfortably cushioned buffered against

disappointment accepting outcome - par

for the course amidst cyber spatial gulf

nothing ventured brings disappointment

more often than not, this solitary fellow,

a beetle browed fool on the hill smarting

over...he ne'er gathered rosebuds fruitless

ruing foregone opportunities, hence tho'

cocooned against adverse outcome revel

at fleeting giddiness affixing envisioned

smile upon unknown reader, or perchance

another veritable stranger, cuz amiability

need not be sole providence aimed at one

select web surfer, but extended warm free

greeting permissible allow one imperfect

troubadour to sprinkle pleasantries to any

person, whose scrolling intersects with my

genuine not "FAKE" aery mission to offer

abiding friendship e'en if limited to realm

of harmonized synthesized online reality.



  • Author: rew4er2nail (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 25th, 2019 13:28
  • Category: Friendship
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