Imperferfection: Not personal

Imperfection, and she wears it on her sleeve
A cover up tattoo a unique piece.
It’s black and white to show her life style
Waves surround the barrier to show life hasn’t always been worthwhile.
The flowers are there to resemble her strength
To remind her that the darkness has faded and has been replaced.
Those flowers show her that no matter what she ices the cake.
See her confidence is fine
She knows that she is smart, she was first at one time.
She was just to kind and basically gave away her money and time.
Now she feels like a fool who knew you could lose everything.
In just a week or two.

Imperfection and she sees dirty pores
No matter what she does she can’t get rid of these eye sores.
All she wants is flawless skin but no matter how much she attacks she cannot win.
She has tried morning burst
Tula, Proactive and more.
She gets ride of one and look! Now there is four….
She has tried home remedies like lemon and tea
She even has tried white egg and a mixture made with honey.
No matter what she does she cannot pass if only her face was just made with glass.

Imperfection, she use to speak through anger now she wipes her tears
She cries away all those painful years.
No one would listen so she grabbed a paper and pen
She wrote everything down with the perfect end.
When she writes she is able to speak
When she writes she doesn’t’ have to say “she”.
I can be open, I can preach
I don’t have to cover my words with bleach, or have to worry about what people think of me.
No one can tell me that my feelings are wrong
No one can hold me back and keep me from being strong.
Now I can just focus on what’s right,
Now I can take this flight
I’m so excited to see what is ahead, and what’s in site.

“Imperfection is perfection” people think I’m a complicated person and I am aware.
But I think the way I live life is simple and fair
Noting fancy I don’t’ need people to stare
I run life with genuine peace and that is rare
You will barely hear me say “I don’t care”.
Even if it’s not really your style
Just add the lemon into the water
Find your sugar and its ok if it takes a while.
I know it is so clique but it’s never too late to start.
You have to make your life sweet and not so tart.
Figure out what makes you happy and make it art.

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