Let me lay in the sweetness of the familiar,
the place where memories have been etched
into the stones of time, where sunshine weaves
its way through the dancing arms of cottonwoods
as the wind swirls and dips in early morning, crisp
air.  I want to die gently in a place that is home
in my heart.

Speak to me about sacred moments and silly
moments.  Help me smile my way back into
the shadows and the sunlights of yesterdays.
Re-member the memories with me.  Place
your hand on my arm.  Let life touch life.
I want to die gently to those moments and
to this moment.

Hold my hand and sit very still in the peaceful
silence as I listen for the sound of my name
floating through galaxies, footsteps drawing
every closer as the Infinite approaches, perhaps
an irresistible song that falls upon me, note by
note, like those glorious golden leaves in a
glowing autumn.  I will say "hello" to the
welcome emissary from eternity and wonder
what adventure is beyond this moment.

I want to die gently into the benevolent
Mystery that has played hide-and-seek
throughout my span of days.  In a mirror face to face.


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