Kurt Philip Behm

Symbiosis Reborn (+4)

You steal my breath,

  as I borrow your words


You fill my eyes,

  as I empty my fear


Your heart beats in my chest,

  as it breaks in my soul


You begin where I end

  —symbiosis reborn


(Villanova Pennsylvania: September, 2016)



On My Writing


I write the first draft,

  and paint the second


But the third draft

  —I get to sing


(Villanova Pennsylvania: September, 2016)



His Voice To Call


The Crucifixion self-endowed,

 the greatest of all men


His death then chosen, not denied,

  message not forsaken


His torment was a sacrifice,

 an offering to all


Our souls to rise through bread and wine

   —his voice again to call


(Villanova Pennsylvania: September, 2016)

         From ‘The Book Of Prayers’



The Inferno


Life is memory

Art is pain

Time a liar

  —feed the flame


(Wayne Pennsylvania: May, 2019)


Kingston Mines


If all Philosophy

  is a footnote to Plato


Then all Rock & Roll

  —is but a tribute to the Blues


(Chicago Illinois: August, 1994)



  • Tristan Robert Lange

    Wow! Great writes. I love the spiritual realities behind each of them. Truly deep and profound poems.

  • Kurt Philip Behm

    Thanks Tristan. My son is named Trystan (with a Y).

    Great name...


  • Laura🌻


    • “Symbiosis Reborn”
    I’ve read this poem several times. Each time I’ve read it, the following interpretation (mine) keeps recurring...

    I see two individuals reconnecting after an interrupted relationship! It seems that the one who’s speaking craves for that interrupted relationship to be whole again!

    I enjoyed reading each word...and while reading, I thought about its relatability!
    Quite interesting...to say the least!


  • Kurt Philip Behm

    Nice take! Thanks for reading.

    • Laura🌻

      My pleasure!🤗

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