Forever lingering.

My heart forever tingling,

But you’re not here.


Your presence is still felt in the corners of my mind.

I thought in time

I wouldn’t remember you.

You’re unforgettable.


It’s on calm, rainy nights

That you appear.

My eyes fill with tears

When I see what once was.

You’re so beautiful.


I can hear your laughter

And your voice

Saying you love me.

My heart weeps.

We fit together perfectly.


I can feel your embrace.

My pulse racing

As your lips touch mine.

Why couldn’t we be together??

You weren’t mine.


The truth always hurts.

So I push you away,

Into the darkness.

I’ll see you again another day.




    HI TESS ~ Welcome to MPS ! Thanks for your First poem ~ very elegant in its Structure but a SAD ~ but all too familiar ~ Subject ! True but Forbidden LOVE ? Im 35 and happily engaged to ANGELA (31) who is in New Zealand on a Work Exchange ~ its 3:45am (Wednesday) so shes fast asleep ! Its Afternoon in the UK ! Just finished work ! Over the past 20 years I have fallen in Love many times ~ most have faced with time ~ BUT one or two are UNFORGETTABLE and linger in ones sub-conscious ! Many of our Members will empathise with your excellent Poem ~ straight from your loving heart !

    Blessings & Peace & Joy
    Your Friends Brian & Angela
    MPS works by reading & commenting on each
    others POEMS ! Please check our SITE ~ Thanks
    I live in SOUTHERN ENGLAND ~ Which State are you in !

    • MissTess78

      Greetings from West Virginia! Thanks so much for reading and commenting...I will definitely check out y’alls site...πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ½

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