What the stars see at night

Uh oh I say

Pow! my heart goes

Tick ​​Tock, he said

Bang! There goes my love

Tick ​​Tock ... SHH

and everything is silent

like the midnight stroke

Where the stars close their eyes

afraid to see blood on the ground.


Click, I turn off the light

In the dark I hear the night outside

Tap tap, the stars are crying

A deep fog hugs the world.

A sigh escapes the night

As the wind brushes the tree branches of a willow

Against my tear stained window

Zap! A flash of light illuminates the clouds

A river full of secrets invades the night.


Explosion! She clutches her heart

Beneath her hand a light glowing

Ouch! She burns her palm

A warm throbbing takes its place.

A star twinkling through her fingertips

“Hello,” he says.

“Hi.” She lifts her head.

They smile, two pairs of eyes in the dawn.

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