Mind over matter means nothing without a stable mind

It’s as if the gears of every clock are synced up to the beating of my heart

As if all my senses were heightened

If every little thought you had could destroy you

If every word you spoke could make or break you


When people ask me, what it’s like to suffer with anxiety

I can’t really explain it

And when I say it I mean he because if we’re being honest

This isn’t the work of some “thing”

This is the work of the devil


You never truly realize the damage that could be done until your mind becomes your own enemy

When you no longer have control of your nerves

Normal people can watch a horror movie, get a little nervous, but still go to bed

My people, watch a horror movie, and never sleep again because once it’s on, it’s on

And there’s no turning it off


People ask me “why can’t you just live a little?” And

“What is holding you back”

And just the thought of taking that risk

The thought alone

Is powerful enough to shut me down

My mind doesn’t know that I’m capable of better things


And it probably never will

Anxiety built his home in my brain

Turned on his amygdala shaped light switches

And never turned them off

Everyday I pay his electricity bill



  • FineB

    Hello Evergreen.

    An excellent and vivid write.

    I worked in mental health in the past so I have a great empathy for anyone suffering with mental health issues.

    Keep writing

    • Evergreen

      Thank you so much. It means a lot.

    • MissTess78

      Love this poem...great insight to what it’s like to have anxiety..not very many people understand it


      I understand. Thank you for writing this.

      • Evergreen

        Of course. Thank you for reading it.

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