Unspoken Implication Belied Bon Geste


(unsettled conscience beckons expunging)

Upon espying aesthetically pleasing lass

(considerably younger than me),

middle aged ma'am, or classy older woman

impetuousness overtakes rationality

courting acquaintanceship constituting

aforementioned type female

these premature ejaculations

blindside yours truly

upon comfort level

of unfamiliar lady recipient,

(especially years gone by

with then young daughters in tow)

oft times lacked conscientious wherewithal,

how embarrassing offspring felt

at their buffoon papa appearing,

intimating, kickstarting... rapport

at first blush evincing politesse,

yet keen eldest progeny

adept to discern in apropos overture,

despite being well mannered

couched foray, an unconscious insinuation

discerned, hinted, leveraged...

unspoken ulterior motive,

yet honest to dog overt blurting

complement toward veritable stranger

essentially, intrepidly, overtly...

stated genuine pleasantry

attempting to recoup losses

from utterly abysmal

socially withdrawn adolescence

could easily be interpreted

as sexual innuendo

(particularly witnessed by

acutely perceptive first born),

whose reverence, asper in this dada

plummeted, especially cuz

similar instances occurred,

where ambiguity

to formulate unfavorable conclusion

tacked on her growing

list of gripes against dada

loosely analogous to Martin Luther,

whereby his “95 Theses,”

which propounded two central beliefs -

the Bible and central religious authority -

humans may reach salvation only

by their faith and not by their deeds -

was to spark Protestant Reformation,

which essentially kindled

figurative fuel to the fire

incrementally cleaving paternal dotage

undesirable, no matter Pedophilia

never goaded what in mine mind

amounted proving daring do,

since suppressed infatuations

decades past, this then

extremely reclusive knew

nothing about powder milk biscuits

to give shy people the strength

they need to get up and

do what needs to be done.

Thus, an apologia without exception,

whether or not these words seen to deux

darling daughters, plus

other gals who experienced discomfort

at innocuous attempt

to get linkedin with

whirling wide webbing of women.



  • Author: rew4er2nail (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 2nd, 2019 01:01
  • Category: Forgiveness
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