A letter of farewell

Heather Harrisson

To my dearest friend,


I know this may never reach you, 
At least, not on this paper,
But perhaps you'll catch a whiff,
Of the heavy, love filled vapour.


Your eyes won't read what I write,
But I hope my words ring loud,
And my feelings are able to find you,
Floating to you on bouncing clouds.


It's been a while since we last spoke,
Your empty chair hurts to see,
My heart aches with every second,
That you aren't here with me.


The times we shared together,
Stay deep within my soul,
Filled with coloured lights and love,
So we would never feel alone.


Each precious, joy filled moment,
When we smiled, even through tears,
Holding hands with one another,
Talking of how we'd fill the years.


Now I no longer have your hand,
Or your smile to keep me calm,
You're so far away from me,
So far away from home.


I never said my last goodbye,
Never told you one last time,
That you are my one and only,
That I love you, that you're mine.


Someone else took you from me,
I will never know their name,
It's not like anyone took notes,
When he laid you in your grave.


No one knows where you are now,
I doubt they even tried to look,
To them you were just another soldier,
Just a name down in a book.


But to me you are the world,
You are darkness you are light,
You are everything worth living for,
Smell, touch, taste, sound, sight.


I know I can't touch you again,
Or have you tell me it’s OK,

I know your smile is long since gone,

And there's nothing you can say,


To make my feelings weaker,
Or stop my tears from falling,
I should have felt it coming,
Should have heard your desperate warning.


But I wanted to believe,
That it would never be you,
That you would be home safe,
That our dreams would come true.


It's safe to say you are gone,
In body and in mind,
But I know you're here with me,
I don't look far to find,


Your beauty all around me,
The sunlight on the sea,
Shining, golden, sparkling,
I see you there dancing, free.


I see you in the trees,
And the flowers as they bloom,
I see you at the window,
Of every empty room.


I see you all around me,
And some may think it cruel,
For me to see you there,
When I know it isn’t true.


But it isn't really cruelty,
That makes me see you there,
It's the love we shared together,
That makes me know you care.


Makes me know you wouldn't want,
For me to mourn and cry all day,
To live my life in sorrow,
I can almost hear you say;


"Don't cry my little darling,
I haven't really gone,
I'm right here in your heart,
It's where I'll always belong.


Don’t mourn me all your days,
And die filled with regret,
But find joy in all you do,
Live the life I didn't get."


I know you are beside me,
Even though you are gone,
And I feel your love surround me,
Telling me that I'm not done.


I'll live life to the fullest,
Keeping you safe in my heart,
Using the love you gave me,
To help make a fresh start.


I miss not having you to hold,
But I remember your warm smile,
And I'll keep your picture with me,
For every single mile.


I can continue living,
Even though you are not,
Because the memory of you spurs me,
To remember what I forgot.


Though people always leave us,
In one way or another,
The memories of them stay,
In their family or lover.


So as long as I remember,
You every single day,
You will never truly leave me,
Together we shall stay.


So I send this letter off,
Knowing it'll never reach your hands,
But hoping that somehow,
You can come to understand,


Just how much I have loved you,
And how much I wish that you,
Had never left my side,
Wish this war I could undo.


I cannot change the past,
But the future I control,
I will not live without you,
Just separated, that's all.


I'll live a life so happy,
One gentle, pure and blessed,
So that when I finally come,
To join you in your rest,


I can tell you all about it,
And how my love remained,
No matter what life threw at me,
No matter how it rained,


And then we shall hold hands,
And I'll see your smile once more,
When I meet you in the clouds,
Just beyond that golden door.


But until that moment comes,
I must now say goodbye,
To the man who truly loved me,
Who I never thought would die.


I will let your spirit rest,
I will let you take your leave,
I will do my best to continue,
Do my best not to grieve.


I'll greet each day with a smile,
And a hello just for you,
So goodbye my dearest friend,


From your dearest friend too.

  • Author: Heather Harrisson (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 2nd, 2019 16:20
  • Category: Sad
  • Views: 15
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  • WildMoonChild

    This is beautiful, one of the best pieces I may of ever read on here..

  • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

    What a sad and beautiful tribute, honoring the loss of a dear friend.. Keep up with your writing.

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