Jo March

Lines Written from a Physicist's Perspective


I watch the world outside my window’s inky netting…

Bedecked with flaxen rays the russet sun is setting

I am safe inside a sea-foam crystal bubble 

Surrounded by late autumn’s gold-scale stubble


I walk in labyrinths of three story equations

And explore starlit theorems with velvet patience

I dream of a grand theory uniting all the rest

Longing to see particle models passing every test 


Dreams flash inside me outrunning my own shadow 

I gaze at cream puff clouds above the linen meadow  

I want to know why the sky is sapphire glass

Or why ghostlike particles of light possess no mass 


I attack problems with returning vigor 

And burn the midnight oil with steadfast rigor

I watch solutions grow beneath my hands

Or call to aid my muse from silver strands


I pace every solution with glowing rapture

Awaiting newly minted opportunities to capture 

My deserved prize — an answer to my query 

Particle bundles of theories rolled out in glory


The world at large has now become invisible 

I notice nothing save what I deem feasible 

My solution brings childlike smiles to my face

Loyalty to physics upheld with finished grace


I watch the world outside the polished pane

Evening tumbles dank from drum beat rain

I have succeeded and my prize is won 

Enfolded in receding rays of the runaway sun










  • Jo March

    Thank you so much for your response. I really appreciate it. I think true dedication to any field wins over any sacrifices made in the process.

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