First Amendment In Jeopardy

Lifeblood of democracy hemorrhaging

ousting the "FAKE" president only recourse

to staunch impending grim demise,

since forefathers drafted

United States Constitution

ratified more'n two centuries ago

hoi polloi must take to the streets

denouncing severe curtailment

impinging sacred freedom of speech

linkedin with paramount bedrock provision

accessing unvarnished flint stoned "truth,"

nonetheless commander in chief

he quakingly, staunchly, vociferously...

excoriates, lacerates, repudiates...

one damning hermetically sealed,

iniquitous airtight, vacuum packed

flagrant misuse of power,

(not to mention nepotism)

invidious, insidious, injurious... infractions

incontestable, incontrovertible, contemptible...

significant melange in führer

re: hating deplorably

crooked basely barren

factual exposé after another,

deft correspondents all not quiet

along western front

(I heard Maria - mull remark)

bring "to light" execrable,

lamentable reprehensible...

gross transgressions

commander in chief

significantly overstepped

Pulitzer prize winning

prestigious storied publications

scathingly trounced, pillaried,

lambasted, insulted, denounced,

butchered, critiqued, demonized,

fricassed, gored, humiliated,...

pummeled, quartered, reviled

courageously expounding fiend

ensconced within his Taj Mahal

impregnable donjon, whereat he trumpets

laurels asper, nonpareil administration

laying groundless accusations

baring his white fangs,

twittering, naysaying, mocking.. supreme

renown gifted by "honest Abe"

recalcitrant commander in chief,

who refutes objectionable

dogged investigative journalism

every step of the way,

where dedicated news gatherers

risk life and limb

firing line reportage troopers

ferreting (foxlike) he/she

doth gopher precious nuggets

uncover alarming undisputable details

impossible to refute raw bits

agent provocateur freely colluding

immediately hashtashed poppycock

smarmy, snooty, snappy

beastly capital one ogre

blatantly castigating diligent endeavors

oblivious pie in sky

delusional egotistic haughtiness

bobblehead vilified by silent majority.





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