When the English Channel was Crossed

Six June, Nineteen-Forty-Four,

Thousands of Americans and their allies hit the shore

In a push that will end in Germany’s core

And so begins the end of the Nazis’ war.

It won’t come easy, every mile will come with a fight

But it’s worth it to the men who know they stand up for what is right.

And so, these beaches will be overcome by freedoms’ knight,

By British, Canadian, American might.

The Allies will crack the Atlantic Wall

And Nazism in West Europe will fall.

Remember the day, remember those who answered the call.

Kneel before the grave, stand for the flag, for those who gave it all.


May we never forget freedom comes at a cost.

May we always remember, strive to honor, the brave lives we lost

The day the English Channel was crossed.



  • dusk arising

    Drafted conscripts without choice. Still unable to be non Nazi themselves to 'brother' americans of different skin color.

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