Damn Divisive Demagogic Derelict

Das Don doth debilitate democracy

driving a collateral wedge

deliberately dividing differences

collaborating, collapsing, and collaring

disparity amidst ever

increasing homogenization

extant within contiguous United States

across world wide web for that matter

attested by increased

spike among multiracial

amalgamated enclaves, individuals mixing,

where preponderance of melanin

generally affecting predominance

regarding increasing swarthy

naturally copper toned skin

across vast majority of heavily

Caucasian populated areas predicted

to become minority

according new statistics

located at webpage




predict the nation will become

“minority white” in 2045

which genetic assimilation

also harken better angels

among us to herald


interfaith marriage represent

according to hyperlink-




close to half of all marriages

in this country over the past 10 years
(this cited for the year 2013,
which mostly increased since).


No doubt, the commander in chief

buzzfeeds into this inexorable trend

disquieting, horrifying, mortifying...

especially white supremacists

decrying, lamenting, threatening...

innocents abroad, and/or naturalized citizens

taking cruel dull liver re: to heart

acrimonious, caluminous, jealous, ferocious...

hazarding, kindling, tweeting

inevitable demographic transition overtaking

North America, and teeming masses

(particularly whose skin color,

perhaps fifty shades of brown,

albeit I hereby posit as

forthcoming second, yet

nonpareil gilded bronze age).


Relatively insignificant disparity

(within schema, asper genus/ species

Homo sapiens per se)

people comprise greater similarity,

versus starkly disparate contrasts

between each other,

nonetheless oh bomb men able

enthuses, maximizes, trumpets...

every opportunity to spark

altercations, conflagrations, exhibitions...

animals veritably tearing each other

satiating human blood lust,

where coordination, integration, union...

welcoming brother/sisterhood, tolerance,

versus filleting, fomenting fracturing

mosaic boosts ego

inherent narcissistic tribalism!








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