Thrive to understand the schism.
You encompass the word prism.
Loving life while flying kites.
A bit of wisdom, tell I might.
Try resolving fights, decide to dissolve strifes.
A King to this wild-life.
Like a luminous genius.
This is intercourse of course,
and here's a man's existence
created without a penis, it's Jesus.
Stricken with prevention of growth, implemented is a system stripping the soul's boat,
flipping from host to host.
Trying to understand the blessed gifts from the supposed holy gifted,
Identified as the Holy Ghost.
Upliftment rises from the fallen who have slipped.
But aware slipping results in bare dips
with harder gripping.
Malicious fallacies nipping,
yet my knuckles white and I feel uplifted. Complemented are the living
who scapegoat life's mission
Existing with stage fright that lacks evidence of forensics and intuition.
I have a statement to make, no forgiveness.
Its tremendous, hear this wise Infants.
Sung with no voice, a plunged mouth by a thumb.
Hung without a choice, ignorance still suits some.
Tick, tock. What a dumb clock.
Mother Earth, the creating rock.
A brain-freeze with a Western Abrahamic breeze.
A brain cheesed, tickled, teased, and squeezed into a toad
which dispersed in binary code.
Then to explode like a volcano of fleas. Parasitic seeds becoming exponentially diseased.
Displeased and numbed white by a fun nun, sister please.
I'm forever fruition destined.
I'm plummed from within.
Thus the grin from my mind's eye is an eminent win.
Untimely consistent, an endless wish list,
Content in a stagnet piss pit.
What is this shit?
A forever rising bend, an Omni continuum. Continued from the The uncreated Pendulum
is depended only by the  independables,
and expended only by the simplest of Simpletons.
Rebirthed to block lights' dim end
we discover ourself in skin,
flesh and body; the temple for every man and woman.
An every colored kettle in gray sand.
ROY G BIV's brown sandal
seen only by candle.
Yet shamefully perceived and felt by man
is this kennel for a lost dependent animal we call land.
Centered am I.
Alien-Hybrid tides.
A Holographic ride.
Aligned am I.
Searching for enlightened others in the will in finding my dimensional chums with friendly signs and uncut ties.
Yes with a sigh, heart closest to a left hand, the right path, righteous is mine.
Intertwined through slimy parabolic vines located in the holographic time's line.
Vibrated to a low slow grind.
Infinte fractalled minds.
Toroidal fields undefined.
All Consciousness chirping the same chime.
A charmer with filled lungs,
fitted armor, packing guns
while helping bums get off the street,
making ends meet, hairy rabbits in a turtle run,
giving them food to eat, shelter to rest their feet.
Even junkies get hungry. With greed.
A monkey not beautiful. My hunting is dire, unarmed it is unusual.
A green fire.
A stalking lion.
Conscious ions.
No room for liars.
I'm firing scholars with your hand.
Behind black curtains I stand.
Collared are some, excusable are none.
A black shadowed government.
Black shadows running it,
which is all planned for fun,
By The man and his son. Labeled.
A man.
A lamb.
Created are these damned animated dandelions who are born damned again and again.
Purposefully calcified pineal glands.
Endless shams by scams.
Blinded fans.
Intention intended to sicken the population of man
for easy slim pickings provoked by none other than Sam.
Take a look at the poverished slums.
Taught to take a stand,
opposing another's stance,
and be a leader in command.
Demanded is the beat of a continual war drum.
My age is infinitely young,
without a spike in this run.
But in spite for dull tongues,
I'm bright enough to brighten a dark life for life.
Like a sun.
Taking bites from evil nights.
A knight ripened, I am ripe.
Compacted tighter than a diamond knife. Protracted longer than an infinite life. 

Slicing fear denser than granite or diorite.
Collapsing nonbelievers 9/11 at a time like, bombing our own people and I was formed out of thermite.
The malevolent might of a biased sight deliberately urged the benevolent Courage
a flight away from it's own might
and progress to endure smite
from the same pair of eyes.
WE do not need to be saved, we are already saved. Always have, always will be.

I stormed in, to begin as a sinner once again,
But my true soul from a future then
was born and transformed
by a forceful sight.
A sworn origin coined Source's light.
Dynamite is flat Sprite, hindsight is a late flight.
A fight that was first ignited
by the thirst from a Snake's bite.
A curse burst forward.
Now freed choice began hissing?
Ssstubborn matter randomly plastered and scattered.
No matter who goes missing
in the act it's a matter of fact.
Ass tattered, bend over, here's a fisting.
I'm laughing, fuck a taser.
My resilience is brilliance,
not even a yottawatt laser,
ask Yoda the eraser.
No being can phase me,
people won't forget I came. My brain.
A flame that keeps blazing.
No hesitation for a name
Contemplation for compensation.
Fame I will not claim.
Lord I am the one to blame,
a heightened bird, with stronger wings,
a flying dream, we are the same.
I am the Word. You are the Word.
A needed change who's keen to fiends.
Break the range but never the reigns.
Respect the rain, learn through pain.
never say never, until it comes into being again

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