kevin browne

Tears Over You.


Tears over you, mix them together
Bring back beauty, bring back you
Dance over rules lay down by me
Sing over songs, a melodies youth.

Love over sands and coconut trees
Kiss over Bees and honey at hand
Lost over love and a Heaven above
Faiths over hills are fruitful enough.

Pain over pleasures, hand over a key
Between us and the sharks' treasures
Turn on the Moon, switch off the Sun.
Sleep under dreams, come back soon.

Torn over desires, mix up the chords
Wake up at morn, a heart full of fires
Jump over jingles, jump up jump in
Took a love charm and a heart tingles.

Whisked into sleep, bed before dawn
Broken up pieces are starting to weep
Fly over Sydney to walk like Egyptians
Speak over you to some sad and its pity

Chant over Monks, Chant over their wall
Walk over heartbreaks crying for months
Run over somewhere, somewhere honest
Dublin over culture. there's a musical flair.

Speak over wineglass, speak over spies
Born by big cities and have a good laugh
Stick under covers and miracles at dawn
Joined by you was joined in with two lovers.

Oceans run smooth, waves claw a clinch
Lobsters and ladies got stuck in the stew
Sorrowed by a dollar. so sorrow and she
Bought over mine to let out a huge holler.


  • orchidee

    Good write Kevin.

  • Poetic Dan

    I never know where you are taking and each time I glad to of gone.

    Thank you for sharing
    Your perfect vibration

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