untitled love

if i could reach deeper,rnpull harder,rnclench my teeth rnaround your collar-rnwould you then rnbe able to see rnhow you used tornlove me.


  • Thoughts In Time

    Sometimes no matter what we do it doesn’t make peoples hearts change...or the things they see..🌹

    • rew4er2nail

      did you request my friendship? if not, i profusely apologize, boot if affirmative lemme introduce yours truly (matthew scott harris - alias courtesy the following poem.

      between Scylla and Charybdis

      Greek mythological
      drama flourishes,
      nee thrives within
      noggin of yours truly
      gods and goddesses
      sporting Hellenic origins
      purportedly cavort
      rampantly running ragged
      ruminative raconteur
      resultant rueful end product
      wreckage of present day me
      chafing amidst yesteryear's adversities
      shadow boxing doppelganger nemesis
      fetus in fetu maintaining stranglehold
      choking ability to breathe
      unsuccessful roundup eradication
      resultant mailer daemons
      ruling the roost
      time and again professional
      therapy exorcised futility
      psyche plagued with said
      crudely sketched hobgoblins
      permanently lodged within
      fifty plus shades gray matter
      mein kampf analogous to siege
      and/or civil war
      abductor and hostage
      terrorist versus negotiators
      one and the same person
      ideal fecund environment
      irresistible nasty brutes
      unwilling to forsake
      golden opportunity
      passive languishing helpless
      antisocial bumbling creature
      mandate decreed heir extinguished
      sentenced eventually commuted
      life without parole lifetime
      metaphorically imprisoned harsh
      punishment solitary confinement
      crime synonymous equalled
      chance happenstance ovulation
      nsync with seminal linkedin
      fertilization, impregnation, parturition
      essentially random appalling dice throw
      courtesy biological roulette
      automatic defacto malefactor
      abstractly describes lifelong
      condemnation, humiliation, ostracization
      if nothing else
      no shortage writing material.

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