'Paint me blue.' ///also happy anniversary everyone~


Its key to feeling peeved An empty thought that does not leave A home that's lost without a piece of your own heart that's been relieved of any emotion whatsoever, we just want to simply find a home. 'Home', It used to feel so good to know your loved instead of shoved for someone exactly like you only better. It once felt so great to think that maybe good things came from fate, instead of feeling trapped or trampled  Kneeling in a puddle of your own damn answers.   Fix me up and Make new, 
paint me blue.

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Hello! This poem is a few months old, I made it May 13th, which was two days before my birthday, btw I'm 15 now^~^, which is irrelevant lol but
my point is that I posted my very first poem here last year on the day of my birthday so happy late 1 year anniversary, I know I don't talk to you guys 'personally' as much as poetically, but its still a bit of a poetry family to me, and I really feel the need to say that;

My poems aren't amazing, they aren't great, and they aren't very important to the world; but they're mine, and they have meaning to me, and the little 7 to 8 people who sometimes come and read them, just honestly thanks. It's really important to me. And it means a lot to know that someone else in the world by chance might've heard my voice sometimes, lol no one else around here does so, but and then there's the people who leave in-depth comments, about either relating to what I wrote, what they think or liked, or telling me what THEY saw or see in my poems, and it just absolutely tears my mind apart, it's so incredible and heart-achingly amazing. The idea that the shit a nobody such as i- makes, has been heard, even by a small amount of people, wow. I really dont get it lol, but it's still just so Incredible. And I just really wanted to say thank you. 
So, so very, incredibly much. - sincerely, E.




    GOOD EVENING FRIEND : ANGELA HERE : Happy Aniversary ONE Year is a long time on this site ! Fortunately I studied GREEK at School so I enjoyed this POEM ! The Title DEPRESSION and the final line *Paint me Blue* form a link to the rest of the POEM !

    VERSE 1. Feeling peeved ~ Empty thought ~ Empty heart ~ Empty home ~ Emotions we all feel ! Im twice your Age but one can still feel depressed. BRIAN (35) My Fiancee and I are 11,500 miles apart LONDON (B) and AUCKLAND NZ (A) Im on a Work Exchange which will end in OCTOBER !
    VERSE 2. Loved & not Shoved (for someone better) ! Do your still think GOOD comes from FATE or are you still trapped in a puddle of your own RESPONSES ?
    VERSE 3. Fix ME up ~ renew ME ~ tear ME down ~ (Depress ME) ~ PAINT ME BLUE !
    I LOVE IT : Great Poem - Great Cathartic Message !

    Blessings & Peace & Joy
    Your Friend : ANGELA 🧡
    Please cheack our site ~ Thanks A !

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