Thomas J. Dooley



  Day to day there comes more pain
Wondering will justice really make it go away
Hear the sister calling as the brother is falling

Kneel to heal a loving heart
Kneel to remember where it all starts
Kneel not to separate but to be apart
Respect to the way we all should feel

We look to the leaders for something to say
All they can say is "Thoughts and prayers"
Those are words blasphemy today

Kneel because you pray
Kneel because freedom demands it
Kneel because you will not give into hate
Respect to all when you kneel

Having a platform is more than having a voice
Got to take a stand make the move you got the choice
Hate will grow in a vacuum when you don't make any noise

Kneel because it is right
Kneel because it brings hate out into the light
Kneel because it is the way Martin would fight
Respect is what you feel when you kneel

We raise our children to worry
We make excuses when our vision is blurry
Justice is just the blind leading the blind

Kneel to remember Trayvon
Kneel to remember Michael
Kneel to remember Mr. Phil
Respect should be given to the one that kneels

©Copyright Thomas Dooley 2017

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