another poem about sadness and pastries


6/17/19 104AM


staring at white water and a super moon


my thoughts drifted over ancient foothills


where my ancestors likely hunted for subsistence


and filled their bellies through work


now lay in this lamented moonlight


hoping to be mauled


my whiskey is sweeter for every person I’ve dedicated it to


you so undeservedly take my foul nightmares


and others even less real shanghai my daydreams


someone out there is making a lemon tart


with wispy cream, and sacrosanct citrus jelly, with a hint of mint


crumbled, airy crust with space in between for air


to let it all breathe


and i sit here clad in graphite

  • Author: Big Swifty (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 17th, 2019 00:10
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  • Neville

    I really enjoyed these words...



    HI BS : ANGELA here from New Zealand (I*m on a Work Exchange). Its 10:30 pm here and time for bed after a hard days work in the CLINIC (Im a PHYSIOTERRORIST !) Love NEW YORK STATE especially in the Fall ! Love the STRUCTURE & SUBSTANCE of your elegant Poem and the oblique references to : Your Ancestors - Whiskey - Lemon Tart with a crumbly crust & wispy cream & sacrosant citrus mint jelly ! Of such things are dreams made. Be glad you*re filled with GRAPHITE which is a lubricant : and not CARBONS other allotrope DIAMOND which would surely grind you to a halt !

    BLESSINGS & Peace & Joy
    Yours ANGELA !
    Please check my Poem on POSITIVITY ~ Thanks A !

  • dusk arising

    I am picturing you writing this in a pleasant whiskey augmented aura when upon the breeze u catch a scent which turns your mind to lemon tart.
    The graphite has me puzzled i admit.

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