It seems as though

my life has always been a loading screen

I've been sitting and waiting for something

That's when the thoughts crept in

The lightest touch to my keyboard

Then it's like a weight on the keys, spamming the letters

A long rope of thoughts that can't be read or written nice

The waiting

I was done waiting but I didn't know what to do

But I did it

And when I sat back down in front of the monitor

It wasn't loading anymore

Everything was installed, I just had to log in

I didn't know who I was

And the void almost got me again

But I conquered that too 

And I logged in

My computer's content was breathtaking

So many amazing thoughts and words

And it all hit me

That I made it

And it was worth it

And though my past shows on my drive

And it doesn't look that bad

I know I can overcome that and more

I'm T. A. B.

I'm Talented

I'm Amorous

I'm Bold

And I made it

To a place I didn't think existed for me



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