He caught me

With the blood rolling down my wrist

I tried to hide my blade but he grabbed my arm

He dug his nails into my fresh cuts

causing the blood to come out faster


I looked him in the eyes and whispered stop

He took my blade and pressed it against my skin

"You want to cut? I'll show you how to properly do it."

He slices my arm up fast and deep


I try to hit him and he slices open my hand

"Daddy stop! Please...You're the cause of this."

He stops and looks at me

His evil grin slowly fading


My brother bursts in and looks at the sight before laughing

Once he quieted down I looked at him

"You're also to reason."

He runs at me and punches me in the face


"You broke me

With all your abuse



Because of you all I see is blood

My blood

Worthless, useless, pathetic run through my head everyday"


I pull out my gun and point it at my tear streaked face


Daddy falls to his knees

Brother tears up

I watch from above 

They beg for forgiveness but it's too late

I'm dead


If only you had stopped




  • dusk arising

    Gave me a good fun laugh. I love your drama,

    • Cynthia

      If you don't like what I write then you can just not read.

      • dusk arising

        i loved it.

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