In the grand scheme of things,
How different really are they?
They're like birds of a feather.

I mean sure you can have 1 without the other but these 3 are frequently bought together.

Like a store opening on black Friday,
Or a 9 to 5 commuters morning.
The aforementioned, albeit not verbatim,
3, all come with a rush.

I suppose it doesn't really matter which one's you've tried... a drug is drug.
If it, warped your mind and sent your senses on a trip well then, it done what it does.

Not all trips are fun though i'm sure you know this but the bliss of a good one makes it worth it.
Like sex, sometimes you'll think: that was so shxt..
Other times you can't think you're just like Ohh Shxt!!
Thems the moments we hope for,
Whenever we pop pills, snort lines or smoke draws.
The spinal chills, parting thighs, the slide towards...
The kitty cat with no clue what she's in for.

Making beds rock as you roll around,
A whole new take on the Rock&Roll sound.
So put another dime in the jukebox baby,
Because it's been a while since you got crazy.

We're gonna rock and roll and keep rolling till we crash
It's Rock'n'Roll, something or someones getting smashed!


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