A square bashing squadie forgetting the drill 

A heart on the fringes of writing it's will 

An assassin with nothing but time left to kill 

You are needed much more than you know 


A computerised brain with a buffering screen 

Fractured feelings become a well oiled machine 

Fantasy fills a head Trying hard to stay clean 

You are needed much more than you know 


There's a strength in your presence that comforts the weak 

They join in when you smile hang on words that you speak 

Cursed by darkness reserved for the haunted unique 

You are needed much more than you know 


Tantalisingly close simple light years away 

Lie the jewels of a soul you won't put on display 

Hope to see you again on the next rainy day

You are needed much more than you know 


  • Goldfinch60

    We are all needed in this world tepo, good write.

    • tepo

      Thank you Goldfinch

    • Fay Slimm

      A feel of comfort to these expertly rhymed words on for what and who is really needed -- thanks tepo for sharing them.

      • tepo

        Thank you Fay

      • Christina8

        A well versed poem that really inspired me. (Might post something soon) Excellent job!

        • tepo

          Oh I do hope so
          Would be great to see a write from you Christina
          Thank you my dear friend

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