Tia Davis/テイア

Girl Friends

Every girl that I meet are all different

I'm not surprised

But in a way I believe I should be 

Some girls act differently in front of people afraid to be shamed 

But that's never ok 

But the thing about my friends

They show who they are 

Wear their smile with pride

Letting their weirdness out

Expressing their love for one another

Holding hands together to form everlasting bonds

Something hard to un-tie

Us girls have to fight together

Me and my friends show that so very well

I pick my friends wisely

But I never tell Why

Why did I pick Them

Why do you ask

But I should explain so these friendships can for sure last

I picked you because your beautiful 

As beautiful as your appearance is

I'm talking about your personality 

It's as beautiful as your smile

When you smile I smile wishing for you to understand how much you are worth

I love you

My love gets stronger for you everyday just because you remain you

You stay the same 

Your not afraid 

When I say you never change 

You would ask who else would you be

I think you would be like all the other girls trying to be like each other on Instagram and TV 

Just because it's glorified

By a light that runs dim

But your light is much more brighter in a way I can't explain

It's refreshing to see someone stay the same in such a positive way

To my girl friends that I have 

They stay strong

Sewing up each cut they ever gained

And remembering every good song they ever sang 

Dancing to the rhythm of their hearts 

Rather then drowning in the river that calls their names

Hoping you would drown and that no one will save 

Like most of our world is stuck wondering if they should jump in 

Not because they want to 

Just because they wanna fit in

But my friends know what they want

They want a life they can own

And it's not one they will give up

To my friends stay by my side

I will stay by yours if you allow me to ride 




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