A Beautiful Struggle

Can you tell me one person,
who said life was fair?
Everyone has their problems.
Everyone has their share.
Christians and non-Christians -
everyone alike,
We all that one issue,
that we want to toss to the side.
Sadly, some,
cannot overcome,
the challenges they face in life.
Some turn to drugs.
Some turn to crime,
and others commit suicide.
Those who do not,
know the Lord -
they wonder, 'what is wrong with the world'.
They try to come up,
with every logical answer,
as to why people,
are in a downward swirl.
They try new age,
Still, it never seems to work.
Some may pay,
for different medications.
Yet, it only makes their problems worse.
Still, for those who know the Lord,
knows the answer is simple.
It can all be summed up,
in one Bible verse:
Come to Me, all ye,
who labor and are heavy laden,
and I will give you rest.
Go to Jesus,
and He will treat you,
like you are His special guest.
So as I said,
everyone has,
their problems in life.
The same go for living,
the life as a Christian.
However, while everyone else,
wishes they had no problems,
our struggle is beautiful.
That is what's different.


  • Thoughts In Time

    Everyone’s challenges are different yet unique and we’re all just trying to get home..different ways beliefs methods but sadly some aren’t as strong as others ..if only all could see the light ...🌹

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