Give Me The War

Give me the war, the toughest and I’ll fight it still

I have my convictions, faith, strength and will

You can’t force me to my knees or to back down

As for me, I will stand my ground


Once, the monsters in my mind got the best of me

And their twisted version of reality was all I could see

They ran around in my head

My head was heavy, my spirit dead

The world looked so ugly to me

I felt like I was chained up and there was no one who could set me free

I lost my will to fight and I let them win

But I looked up with a glare and I said never again

I once screamed for help and no sound came out

Turns out, other people can’t overcome your own doubt

The demons got me on my knees when my convictions and faith couldn’t hold

But they better be afraid, I’m back on my feet and revenge comes sevenfold


Another day, another war

There’s nothing more intimidating than a soldier who has something worth fighting for

I found out the nightmare is only as strong as I let it be

Only with my consent, does it have strength over me

So now, I’m standing tall, I’m standing strong, I’m standing proud

Not afraid to face hell, not afraid to be a little loud

My demons best ought to be in fear

I got my cause, I’m up and I’m drawing near

These demons first looked scared when I looked them in the eye

They knew they were going down and they were gonna die

But they regrouped and still are gonna give me heckuva fight

But I know I can win, so bring it on, it’s alright

Give me the war

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