kevin browne

Shower You With Flowers.


Shower you with flowers, hugs all night
Listen to the birds' chirping goodnight;
The vase is full in bloom with flowers
In perfect harmony, rainbow towers.

Picked a bunch for you, all nice n gleam
But, lost when a love swam downstream.
Buckets full of Roses, a mountain of love
A certain kind of you is a gift from above.

Sunshine on the sand, Sunshine in blue
Brighten up the glory and save it for you.
Kissed all over you kisses are for free.
Down by the estuary to find a golden key.

The Moon came down to play a little trick
And tricks over you with your magic stick.
Snowdrops dropped, take a look outside
Love over lawns, a love so sad and blind.

Custard Cakes and a loving hand to hold
Deal a deck of cards and then grow old.
Gave more flowers, give everything away
Back in the morning, I hope you can stay.

Washing dishes, making tea, and dinner
Watching wishes dream is a good winner.
You picked a bunch for me, I'm humbled
And thank you for the honour I mumbled.

All is well with love
A fully blessed bloke
But, when it gets too much
My heart begins to choke.


  • orchidee

    A fine write Kevin.

    • kevin browne

      Cheers, my dear friend. Thank you.

    • Neville

      when it feels this good, I would let her keep the whole bunch.....unless we are talking freesia's .. then let her have the herd..... Nice one sir..... Neville

      • kevin browne

        Love reading your comments. You always seem to be on the ball. Thank you.

        • Neville

          Cheers Kevin...

        • FineB

          Hello Kevin,

          What a beautiful write.

          Flowers and beautiful ones are always the way to a girl's heart they are to mine anyway.

          Keep writing FineB .

          • kevin browne

            If that's the case I'll send a bunch for you/ Thank you for your comment.

          • marijoy

            Nice poem Kevin, I like the whole writing but the last verse sticks to my mind. Even love if too much can choke us sometimes.

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