CITRUS FRUITS are good for you

In their SKIN or DRINKS for You & Me

Or cooked in Food as Jam or Cakes

Full of vitamins A & C !

ANTIOXIDANTS ~ also they  contain 

And MINERALS ~ Magnesium ~ Potassium & Iron

They help ones*s Liver Kidneys & one*s Brain

Essential Organs ~ you should keep your EYE ON !

The UKs warming up each year

Due to Global Warming ~ shed a tear !

But all Climatic News ~ not bad

ORANGE GROVES in ESSEX make us glad !

To keep all of your Body at a Peak

Eat CITRUS FRUITS at least five times a week !


In the VIDEO ~ SIX common ones are seen



These are FRUITS that we eat all the time !

The other ones ~ EXOTIC ! In the VIDEO

Are not really FRUITS we use & know !

With His Parents Brian would go

To FLORIDA to beat the SNOW !

Out side the Chapel he could see


Being YOUNG I had the cheek

So I took SEVEN ~ ONE for each Day of the Week ! 

ORANGE squeez-ed for a Drink 

GRAPEFRUIT grilled with Sugar (brown) ~ juicy ~ luscious ~ PINK !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments please ~ Love A & B XOXOX 


  • orchidee

    A fine write B&A. Now Brian - why near Colleges, Universities, etc, are we likely to find roads called 'The Orangery' quite often? A lesson, please!


      Thanks UNCLE STEVE ~ Pleased you enjoyed the Presentation ~ Angela & I like to educate and amuse with our Poems. An ORANGERY is in effect an Ornamental Glasshouse (Greenhouse) which housed exotic plants in the Winter. This included Orange & Lemon & Lime Trees which could not survive an English Winter. All Stately Homes had one and often they morphed into Universities & Colleges hence the old Road Names. I was in one recently which was an High Tea and a Tombola to raise Money for the local YMCAs ! It was organised by a Real Lady and raised £2500 ! I like to mix with the hoi Poloi occassionaly ! Hope that helps ! The Christian Conference Centre ~ Sizewell Hall (next to the Nuclear Power Station) also has a large ORANGERY ! In the 18th Century the Landed Gentry aspired to grow Pineapples & Citrus Fruits etc ! We now have excellent VINEYARDS in ESSEX and by 2030 we expect to be able to grow our own Oranges & Lemons !

      Blessings & Joy to YOU & FIDO

      • orchidee

        Thanks B&A. You gone up in the world?! Hoi Poloi. Aww, I never did meet the (now Ex) PM for coffee at a near-ish church, to discuss the state of the world, etc.

      • ForeverJesus6

        I like this piece. Maybe it is mostly because I am from South Florida.

        Also, here is some quick trivia.
        The Miami Hurricanes college football team chose their colors because the orange represents the orange from the tree. The green represents the leaves, and the white represents the orange blossoms.

        Keep writing.

        Still your brother in Christ Jesus:
        Dion Phillips Crown

        Persistence is key

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          BLESSINGS ZION ~ Thanks for your INTERESTING comment ! In the UK we love Florida Oranges and Orange Juice ~ always tangy and full of flavour. We love FLORIDA and generally stay near TAMPA ! We come in February to escape the English Winter !

          Blessings in the Lord Jesus
          Love in the SPIRIT ~ Angela & Brian ~ AMEN ¬

        • marijoy

          Citrus are my favorites along with Mangoes and pineapple 🍍
          Fruits are one of God’s blessings to us. Love them and love your poem. Thanks

          • ANGELA & BRIAN

            Thanks MARIJOY ~ We have to import Citrus Fruits & Pineapples & Mangoes etc ~ so I loved it the first time I (BRIAN) visited Florida and saw ORANGES acctually growing on the TREES ! ANGELA spent a lot of her childhood Holidays in Spain (Sevilla) so she was very used to Orange Groves and also their importance in the Healthy Mediteranian DIET ! Lots of Fruit ~ Veggies & Olive Oil !

            Planet Earth is unique and the variety of FLORA & FAUNA is just ONE of GODs awesome Blessings which we should never take for granted ! I have studied BIOSYNTHETIC PATHWAYS which enable an ORANGE TREE to produce such an awesome FRUIT ! Its all in the DNA which was initially programmed by GOD ~ AMEN ! I think ATHEISTS must lack the Senses of Sight ~ Scent ~ Savour ~ Sound (when you squeeze an ORANGE !) and Touch ~ AMEN. Man can never MANUFACTURE an Orange and synthetic ESSENCE of ORANGE does not even come close ! God has given US all things to enjoy ~ AMEN

            Blessings & Peace & Love
            Yours BRIAN & ANGELA XOXOX

            • marijoy


            • Fay Slimm.

              Yummy these fruits which are full of good health - thank you dear duo for this informative read.

              • ANGELA & BRIAN

                Sub-senior Momement ! THANKS FAY # Ivve sent a comment instead of a REPLY ~ AGAIN ~ Please check ~ YOURS BRIAN XOX

              • ANGELA & BRIAN

                Thanks FAY ~ so pleased you enjoyed the Presentation ! ANGELA (stiil in BED !) and I both studied DIETECTICS so we like to share some of our KNOWLEDGE & JOY of FOOD ! One of the Blessings of Global Warming is the Quality of Essex Vineyards and in the 21st C the increasing quality of ESSEX WINES ! We can grow CITRUS (under Glass) but hopefully by 2030 ~ AL FRESCO ! We teach Horticulture at the College and are experiementing with Citrus Trees ~ raised under glass ~ and then Al Fresco ~ May to August and the back under Glass again ! We have *glass frames* which we can roll over the trees !

                Blessings & Peace & Love
                Yours BRIAN & ANGELA XOXOX

              • Suresh

                Have you closely seen an orange or related fruit. In extremely thin membrane it holds precious liquid, thus maximum fluid to pulp ratio, extremely important fruit.

                • ANGELA & BRIAN

                  Thanks for your Comment Suresh & Observation about the very high JUICE to Membrane & Pulp ratio. I have an electric JUICER and Im always amazed when I JUICE an Orange how much juice I get ! Almost a Glassful from one Jaffa Orange ! The thiness of the Membrane is programmed into the DNA in the Orange pip (seed). Oranges are a good source of VITAMIN C and very important Along with all CITRUS FRUITS in our DIET !

                  Blessings ~ Yours ANGELA & BRIAN XOX

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