Set Still(Is It Fear?)

No sudden step
Which way to go
It always interrupts me
What needs to be fixed

Maybe it's alright
Set still moment
Still figuring if it's best
Maybe it's for the best

Only for the moment
Maybe one more step
Can I do it
Will I do it

Patience is a pain
Being still set still
I wonder alot
Curiousity is all I know

It's our new being
Maybe my purpose
To find my answer
Maybe there's no answer

Set still its funny thinking it
Feeling not one movement
Hitting deeper
Digging to the past

Set still is a pain
Why am I running
Why am I walking
I can't seat still

Looking for an answer
Running from the answer
Feeling fear when set still
One day I'll know
Which move is right


  • DeviLove

    Dude, i can totally relate to this! Sometimes we just get stuck in life. Don't know which way to go, dont know which steps to take. So we just stay complacent. It's rough. But it's a true part of life. Well communicated!

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