Those Who Complain - (Be Careful When Reading)

Why did I choose,
this Christian life?
It's brought me nothing,
but pain and strife.
I wish I knew,
what I was getting into.
All people say,
I do is gripe.
So why did I,
leave as a slave,
to wonder no where,
for forty years?
At least before,
I knew my fate.
Now it seems,
there is no destination near.
I was tricked,
into becoming a Christian.
Sure, I know,
I'll make it to Heaven one day.
Still, no one told me,
it would be this hard.
Now I see,
more work than ever,
with absolutely no pay.
Will I ever,
get to rest?
Will I ever have peace?
What is the point,
in reading the Bible?
Of course I pray,
but what about me?
So I will,
obey the Lord,
but I will do it with a grudge.
I will live life bitterly,
and nothing will make me budge.


  • Thoughts In Time

    Mmmm choices and free will ..what we sow we reap ...deep thoughts here🌹

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