If Only You Knew

My heart will carry this burden,

As I lie scared and frozen,

With words left unspoken,


I can feel your anguish,

Even if love will vanish,

Through the morning languish,


You may not know the reason,

For my careless treason,

Which haunts like a demon,


I had to let it all go,

By becoming your foe,

Under this daunting flow,


It was a needed sacrifice,

That took us from paradise,

But I will pay the price,


You will be okay,

Even if we are farther away,

Through the passage of each day,


I may not be forgiven,

But your dreams won’t be stolen,

Whether I’m the hero or villain,


Our story has truly ended,

With feelings left unattended,

While hope has been extended,


I do regret my choices,

As I’m beaten by their voices,

Knowing that you’ll be going places,


Please do what’s best for you,

And live life well and true,

For I can only bid you an adieu!


  • orchidee

    A fine write Audax.

  • dragonsnark

    Very nice, very sad... well done.


    THANKS FOR SHARING AUDAX ~ ANGELA HERE (10:30 pm in NZ !) It happens in all our lifes that a Relationship runs its course ! Brian & I are still single but over the past 15 years (Im 31 & Brian is 35) with have both had relationships (that we thought were going somewhere ?) that have faded & died ! So far our LOVE is TRUE LOVE and we hope & pray will last for ever ! Being 11,500 miles apart (UK B and NZ Me) has acctually made our relationship much stronger and although we cant kiss every day we can skype ! It recently happened to a FRIEND of ours : Her husband of 17 years just walked out and left her a note similar to your Poem. She is heartbroken but Brian & Her Friends supported her 24/7 for two weeks to prevent her going over the edge and she is now recovering slowly : Sadly it happens all to often and often ends in SUICIDE or ATTEMPTED SUICIDE ! A very elegant (love the aaa bbb etc rhyme pattern !) but poignant POEM !

    Blessings & Peace & Joy

  • Laura

    A beautifully penned poem with a sad and haunting theme! Thank you for sharing!


  • Philip Daniel Cook

    Really creates an interesting dynamic of regret, and acceptance. It's a story told to be brave and boldly walk that line, between.

  • Goldfinch60

    Wonderful emotion driven write audax.

  • Suresh

    Yes, we must relinquish
    Such a poetic understanding

  • Suresh

    Yes, we must relinquish
    Such a poetic understanding

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