Returning to play she's had serious game 

Since relinquishing undeserved portions of blame 

Says she dont feel herself looks exactly the same 

The girl on the verge of my life 


Took the world on her shoulders and held down the fort 

When still singed from being burned at the stake by the court 

Sailed away in her mind drifted past every port 

the girl on the verge of my life 


She had trust in abundance profound her respect 

His assault on her senses was swift and direct 

A flame thrower to the heart he had sworn to protect 

the girl on the verge of my life 


In a stars twinkling shadow she's trying her best 

To get rid of the traps now she's shot of the pest 

Can't connect to admirers with young in the nest

The girl on the verge of my life 


She'll appear now and then throwing life giving style 

Over others who haven't embraced in a while 

When she offered an inch I had snatched at the mile

The girl on the verges of life 


  • Poetic Dan

    Wow... To many words not sure where to start but I'm sure it will keep reflecting on.

    Thank you
    Much peace and respect

    • tepo

      Thank you Dan
      Very much appreciated

    • Christina8

      Very well done Stevie! Always am amazed by the ebb and flow of your words. Curious about the girl who is on the verge of your life.....She's lucky to have caught your attention!

      • tepo

        Thank you Christina
        Very kind as always
        So good to see you
        Ta x

      • sylviasearcher

        This delighted my senses to read. What a beautiful tribute.

        Reminded me of the song Grace by U2

        • tepo

          Thank you Sylvia
          You mentioned Grace for another of my writes
          Must be a rhythm thing
          Truly appreciate the read and comment


          • sylviasearcher

            Perhaps it is because you have a vision for grace 😊

          • Santita

            You have mastered the art of storytelling through perfect cadence. Your rhymes & meter are refreshing. I liked the line 'she offered an inch I had snatched at the mile' we have to take what we want!
            Beautiful write, Stevie

            • tepo

              Thank you santita
              Almost made the 2 tonne
              Kept my promise

              • Santita

                can't believe it! almost 200!
                Proud of you :)

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