Kurt Philip Behm

Without The Fire (+3)

Is morality an end point,

or a journey to begin


                Are right and wrong just bookends placed,

   or what then lies within


All Ethical persuasion,

to attain or just desire


Whose end result will never come

—enflamed without the fire


(Haverford Pennsylvania: July, 2019)



Verses Defy


Perfection and honor,

concealed in the words


Shame and disloyalty,

rejected unheard


Deep in a poem,

truth’s fealty hides


Inhumanity cursed

—its verses defy


(Villanova Pennsylvania: January, 2017)




Where Thunder Begins


All virtue intended,

but darkness conspired


The moon bringing shadows,

the wind bringing liars


Our memories entrapped,

as time’s myth reigns again


From clouds that are hidden

—where thunder begins


(Villanova Pennsylvania: January, 2017) 



To Forever Amend


Trapped in the meter,

a prisoner of rhyme


My spirit indicted,

destroyer of time


A minstrels disciple,

epistle in hand


The sound and the rhythm,

my souls contraband


New couplets my jailer,

their sentences terse


The key to their freedom,

locked deep in the verse


And serving in silence,

chalk marks on the wall


I listen intently,

for one voice to call


Awaiting its pardon,

this conviction will end


My words liberated

—to forever amend


(Villanova Pennsylvania: January, 2017)


  • Laura


    A great share to begin today’s journey...
    ...and a wonderful journey it shall be!💖


  • Christina8

    Really liked 'where thunder begins' and loved 'To forever amend'. All were great poems!

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