You always loved the sunny side of the street. The warmth reminds you of the prickly goosebumps that ran across your body when he entered the room. The burning inside when he didn’t look your way. But you would do anything to ease that torture.


You paid for his time with your pride and dignity. You sold your body and your words for seconds of his attention. But his mild affection could not fill the void that grew ever bigger as your happiness slipped away.


He told you he loved you but you knew his fickle words were empty and stale as his eyes drifted from girl to girl. You made excuses for him because you believed that if you loved him enough, maybe he would have enough love to give some back to you.


Your soul froze over like a bitter winter. Your heart filled with despair until you lost what was left of your happiness. You cried yourself to sleep every night but you felt nothing.


You promised yourself that you wouldn’t fall for another villain. You promised yourself that a hero would come and save you. You promised yourself.


But he never came.

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