Former subjects of the crown

Close on three hundred fifty years ago

American independence

not foregone conclusion,

British soldiers in league with Hessians

witnessed successful campaign battles

admirably groomed unbridled

staunch defenders, viz King of England

fought pitched battles

within keystone state i.e. Pennsylvania

particularly tri county area

Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester

routed Continental Army,

within thick wooded forested lands

interspersed amidst open fields

during closing twelve month period

(seventeen seventy seven)

following drafting

Declaration of Independence

bloody campaigns challenged

general George Washington

eminent Virginia homeboy

(born February 22, 1732

Westmoreland County),

he throve spectacularly,

when his metal (albeit military)

severely contested throughout

successful battles and/or defeats

acquiring near legendary

(rock star status)

even among sympathizers

for English rule

some ordinary everyday

quotidian country folk

inclined to side with the enemy,

unlike unfettered, unquestioned,


trumpeted today (yeah right),

approximately (my benchmark)

twelve generations removed

(hypothetically asserting

twenty five orbitz

around sun equals cohorts

during Colonial America era),

said lauded first founding father

possessed inherent instinct

to rouse enthusiasm

ragtag army initially displayed

attendant with birth pangs

oven inchoate nation, whose

patriotism starkly divided

and easily bled

toward royal dominion

many occasions turning rogue

surrendering secret information

renegade subsequently

fought alongside Redcoats

thus, twas a fluke of circumstances

outstanding English brigades

topped off with

dollop of allied troopers

experienced starved resources

literally costing motherland

arm and leg

to sustain outnumbered,

less skilled colonial rebels.




    Thanks BROTHER for a great & heartfelt Tribute to Independence Day July 4 1776 ~ and to George Washington ~ First President of the United States of America and imortalised forever in Stone on Mount Rusmore ! It is also fitting that among the other three is the Great Statesman (and Third President) Thomas Jefferson ~ Who drafted the majority of the Declaration of Independence ! He is my Favorite of the 45 Presidents (to date !). My second would be FDR who served Three Terms because of his key role in WW2 !

    Please check our tribute to the DECLARATION & JEFFERSON
    Blessings ~ ANGELA & BRIAN 🧡🧡

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