White Feeling(So Dark)

The feeling is light
But feels so dark
It fights one another
Up and down fluctuating

Feeling at peace
Then feeling paranoia
Wanting to move on
Feeling it's not right

Its really confusing to the thought
This white feeling is so dark
Feeling like I'm higher
But this gravity weighs me down

Excitement is it reality
Or just another game I'm playing
Moving left and right
A or B need to pause for a second

Think once or more than twice
What's right and what's wrong
I need my next move
Which will be right

Feel as though I'm playing chest
Losing every fight
I struggle with each move
Maybe it was right sacrifice it all

For one good move
I still wait for that light feeling
This white feeling is so dark
Taking one move to change it all

I will be king through it all
I will be on top
Just a waiting game I'm playing
How long will it be

Till I lose it all again
Start all over for another shot
This patience is annoying
But I'll wait for the game to begin
It will be so dark my next move

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