Unobtrusive Sun

Plundering Rook

In an utterance unheard,
The plundering rook vocalized his mourning dues

Greeting the soil with dejected gratefulness,
He plucked twice-dead worms from the shallow

The sky wept it's abundance to the earth, cleansing the willow's barren branches,
Rendering the rook content until sunrise should again return

The night settled gently, as wispy strains of evening tapered away until dusk had become but a passing memory

Then a dream testified to me:


"If he wanders wayward into your plot, do not frighten the beast;  only leave him to meddle, for he knows not what he does"


  • sylviasearcher

    And what a worthy contribution!

    Added layers with each read, 😌

    • Unobtrusive Sun

      Thanks so much! You always have a kind word to say!

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