Available choices informing me

I can select scant options

available among figurative

menu of life (mine) case in

point, this ordinary day (July

10th, 2019) typifies small

number routine prospects

regarding how I will while

away hours, cuz restrictions -

circumscribed, linkedin,

predicated by sought hade

curried parameters incorporating

genetic propensities inscribing

mental, physical, and spiritual

potential random talents bestowed

upon yours truly in tandem

with environmental factors

during childhood (upbringing,

middle class household income,

homogeneous Caucasian

neighborhood...), plus outcomes

wrought by countless decisions

(unfortunately usually, lapsed

deadline determinant and/or

nonpositive avoidance behavior -

identified as passive aggression

by mother dearest, she passed

away 14+ years), since...tender

boyhood age, when volition

allowed, enabled, and provided

restrained freedom (limited by

parental approval until arbitrary

18th birthday), thus this moment

essentially represents rapid

flowing confluence regarding

cumulative outcomes, whereby

nexus (Lexus) of one outcome

determined possibilities for next

situation till present, which

narrow bounds straitjacketed

alternatives to utilize liberty

productively, i.e. cultivating

strengths finding this garden

variety baby boomer (crying

the blues) frittering time courtesy

non beneficial trivial pursuits,

which tellingly (no surprise)

did not bring happiness to this

life, where loose analogy being

imprisoned since essentially

majority (default) actions not

serve best interests (mine),

though recently conscious

proactive effort to hone writing

bred thru existence as bookworm.

I conclude non jarringly tipping

figurative hat to Fiona Apple,

The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than

the Driver of the Screw and

Whipping Cords Will Serve You

More Than Ropes Will Ever Do.


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