The Reunion

Everywhere I look, I see glittering smiles

That detract from the image

Of the drops falling within each glass;

Furious tempest of indifferent ideas,

Lament of mothers, who no longer mothers,

Can only but cry besides graves.

And in that instant of inward reflection 

I stop being present; being myself;

In that moment of thoughtless thoughts,

Unfinished conversations, stares, laughter,

I think the world can no longer surprise me;

I understand I know nothing, and therefore,

I know it all.




    GOOD EVENING ZACHEEE ~ Welcome to MPS ! Thanks for your first Poem. Free Verse and a nice structure ! Thirteen lines ~ almost a Sonnet ~ and an intersting SUBJECT ~ which reflects the TITLE. We all attend Reunions ~ from time to time ~ when we meet with our Peers (horizontally streamed) in My (BRIAN) case 35 or Family Reunions (vertically streamed) from 1 to 99 ! If you were born & live in New York (A Fine City) you must find REUNIONS FASCINATING (If you ever attend them ?).

    I live near London (another great City !) But I was born in Liverpool (City of Culture) which is 300 miles away (which in the UK is another Planet !) so I dont get to many Peer Group Reunions !

    There are SMILES @ Reunions ~ but they hide the ANGST and the mundanity of most lives and for many in the 21st Century it is downhill from the Cradle to the Grave ~ despite the fact that we are CREATED (CONCEIVED) EQUAL and that anybody ~ even Donald Trump ~ can be PRESIDENT of the most powerful Country on the PLANET !

    I enjoyed your final triplet ~ Its how I often feel at the end of a REUNION !

    I think the world can no longer surprise me
    I understand I know nothing
    And ~ therefore I know it all !

    Thanks for sharing ~ more please
    Yours through Poetry ~ BRIAN (UK)
    I share this site with My Fiancee Angela (New Zealand)
    MPS works by reading & commenting on each others POEMS

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