A day dreaming chain bound me to some light

fond memories of tender night

your smiles the words of love then spoken

cheerful hearts as golden token

when we sang wild in rapture to hear

voices breathing on each others ear

and echoes of each touches enrol

the united purpose of the soul

but time is the thief who wants to get

those mellowed cloudless climes never forget

memories in pleasure and touching spirit spent

when the heart feels so innocent



    Thanks FEARLESS ! Even @ 31 I can think of *More Innocent Days* when one was less acountable ! Im getting married Next Year (My Mother thinks its hightime and My DAD was going to auction ME !). BRIAN & I are *In Love* so it is a positive anticipation ! BUT then KIDS and no longer *FUN & FANCY FREE* mais pour tous c'est la VIE !

    Blessings & Peace & Joy
    Yours ANGELA 🧡🧡
    Please check my POEM : Thanks A !

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