Memories(Just Numbers)

Through realization
To remembering the past
All through calculation
It will put ease to my thoughts

How can I do this
How can it be so easy
Just through numbers I remember
I laugh at the thought

Of how certain memories pop up
Not just one or two numbers
But multiple numbers
Like chapters in a book

Or where I left off on the page
I love it something new
A realization through numbers
My memories just through numbers

2108 deals the with past
369 deals with the future
676368 just through numbers
I can remember anything

It's not much to anyone
To me its everything
What love is
What friendship is

It correlates with everything to me
Of what I need to do
How to fix something
By just a number to remember words

It's my language I know
All I need is the number
Of what I did long ago
And the memory pops up

I've always struggled with memory
But the number it is stuck in my head
To remember a photo
Calling it by just a number

It will ease in my mind
To not lose of who I am
Just like a puzzle coded in numbers
I start to remember who I am
Who you were from the beginning

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