reflected radiation

7/12/19 11:51PM


every twenty eight days

the moon is my light

as i dribble out blotter

from artery to page


i find myself basking

in deep lunar rays

to say what i mean

and enter the stage


i’m happy, mirthful

you see how i joke

water off a duck’s back

just good ol jake


how’ve you been

just fine, no complaints

i’ve burned all my skin

i live at a stake


the sky flashes with heat

a full moon spotlight

work in the morning

night’s somber malaise


it just might rain

circular air currents

delirious lightning

a smoldering haze


this is every poem

tumbling summer

clattering off cobwebs

nothing will stick


the dog won’t go swimming, and i still feel radioactive

everything molts in the summer

even my eyes

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