Police Brutality


When it comes to being an officer no I can’t relate.
I can’t sit here and say I chase after bad guys
Wear a badge, or say that I have been undercover.
I have just been on the other side
Observing the way that they control lives.
“Not all police are bad”
“People make mistake's”
So you’re trying to tell me that there is no justice for the girl in Colorado who was raped?
Because he is an officer?
Because he wears blue?
You don’t believe me?
Look it up on Google.

Why are we being attacked? This is how I feel
I mean this happens too much and I’m just being real.
Police are beating up people and they are killing our men.
They are even going out of their way to kill women and children.
The don’t look where they are shooting,
They don’t aim their guns.
Sometimes I personally think they are just killing for fun!
The Police...
The biggest Gang out there…
I mean think about it, and it will give you a scare.
They control the streets with a set of rules
The Government gives the law enforcement their tools
And then after their “training” they are off on the loose.

“Not all Police are bad” “They are just people.”
But most of the time the people who wear blue
Don’t get the proper punishment for behaving like a fool.
I’m trying to say this gentle because this is how I feel
I’m not trying to hurt anyone because I’m just being real.
An autistic boy was attacked and this was recent
And guess what?
He wasn’t even the boy that they needed.
The police, need to learn to stop and think
What they really need is more restrictions and restraints.

I’ve seen the police cuff the wrong guy right in front of my eyes
Just because the color of his skin.
I even raised my voice and told him that it wasn’t him!
All they were concerned about was their so called “win.”
We know not all police are bad, some are even my friends.
What we are talking about are the police that abuse their position.
Who act like the higher power:
The Cops who push you before you even fall.

Just like there is evil some police are good
Like they truly try to help the people in the hood.
They understand poverty
They don’t treat people as if they are property and they enforce equality.
So thank you to our community soldiers for risking your lives
So that we can put down our guns and knives.
Thank you for not tolerating your fellow cops behaviors
Thank you for trying to be our saviors.
Thank you for your advice instead of cuffs,
And thank you for showing us that we don’t always have to be tuff.
When I was asked to write this poem, I thought to myself if I should
So I wrote this as peaceful as I could
I just feel like both sides are a little misunderstood.

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