Father's Father, Father, Son, And I

John McChord

How strange

The setting sun

The way she dances when light is done

Look how pale

The rising moon

Bloody full in warm of June

When light

Solar cage

The aging man holds scars and rage

I hope 

For you

Ease in all those things you'd do

The sway

Of taller green

Through night we hold burdened sheen

Our stars 

Would burn to dust

What's left but our home in rust

I'll miss

And always will

Each lesson you'd not instill


Each year

Proposing love and neglect your fear

May it be

When time comes

You carry name of many sons

Inside chest

You'd hold a heart

Unplagued, to hold fire, our family's art

Ends my son,

Are just the start

Your world in color and whole in part

I'll not forget

Nor curse those days

We'd sit and light our doubts ablaze

And I 

The coward

Trade steel for fielding flower

When fear

And pride meet 

The road continues 'neath hardened feet


All to keep

Dreams to spread for those asleep


What belongs 

Pain till now, need not prolonged

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  • Published: July 15th, 2019 21:54
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  • Christina8

    Very thought provoking. I like it! Well written.

  • Joker Wood

    Thank you for writing this.

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