One Thousand Rights

'I want my rights!
I want my rights!
It is my right'
they cry.
What are your rights?
What rights do you know that you have?
Is everything you want a right?
If so, what true rights then,
do we truely hold deer,
to our hearts?
Is it because we think,
everything is a right,
that we take what is true,
for advantage?
It is for that reason,
that we should cherish,
and hold our few rights,
close to our hearts.

There was a saying
about Love having a thousand eyes
but neither one of them is true;
That shows the same here
as 'obsession' is the one seeing
for what is wanting, then publicize its rights,
but that wanting...pushes others...oblivious...without a clue;
Then forgets the heart and everyone, till things will be clear.


  • Thoughts In Time

    U have the right to do what you want to do...choices lead us where we land up...nobody can say what’s right or wrong ..if you know right from wrong then hopefully you’ll choose that ...🌹

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