chris frank


Like our love a shining seam of silver runs,

With warmth and promise to distant lands.

But nights grow longer, apart from each other 

Our dreams harden, and darkness falls. 

For all the time we are alone the seam of silver dims a little 

It waits for our meeting, it’s chance to shine 


We know the path that should be taken,

The rivers that lead to those sun kissed lands. 

You are in beauty, unmatched, amazing,

Just wasted on a world too small.

Time runs fast for us it’s true but the silver seam still can shimmer 

With golden bands, wrapped over warming hands.


This world almost broke you my darling princess,

The trials of youth, made hard in stone

Together now we can face our future, in love 

With hope, with my arms to guide. 

Let me bring you back to Avalon my love,

A queen in blue now, always a rainbow dream. 





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